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Hurricane Info. June 1st – November 30th – Registration Required for Pet Shelters

Marco Veterinary Hospital

Are you ready?
Updated vaccines | microchip info. | medical records | pet carrier | current rabies tag | leash, collar, muzzles if necessary | medications | recent photo of pet | food & water

 Registration Required
Collier County Emergency Pet Shelter Use

Collier County Pet Shelters -Registration Required! 
Collier County Pet Friendly Hotel list

......Only dogs & cats are accepted at the shelter.....

Independent websites dealing with pet friendly hotels and shelters.
For your information & research only - we have no experience with them.

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Canine Influenza H3N2 Alert May 31st, 2017

Marco Veterinary Hospital

As you have heard, the University of Florida has seen multiple cases of a new strain of a HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS canine flu. They estimate approximately 80% of dogs who are exposed to it will develop symptoms & are recommending that dogs be vaccinated against it (2 doses, 2-4 weeks apart) ASAP. This is NOT the strain we've been vaccinating for previously. There is no evidence that it is contagious to people, but dogs, & even some cats, can catch it if exposed.

We STRONGLY recommend this vaccine---let's keep Marco free from this nasty disease!

Symptoms include coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge, & sometimes a high fever that can progress to pneumonia. Though most dogs recover with treatment, the course can be quite long, 2-3 weeks EVEN WITH APPROPRIATE MEDICATION. Treated dogs, as well as their cat & dog housemates who haven't developed symptoms, must be isolated from contacting other dogs and cats for 4 weeks….it's just that contagious.

If you suspect your pet may have been exposed, or if symptoms develop, PLEASE CALL AHEAD to let us know you are coming to the clinic as we will take special precautions to check your pet without exposing others to it. This may include treating your pet in your car, wearing mask and gloves when handling, and special decontamination procedures.

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Download PDF from Canine Flu H3N2 Alert